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international banking contacts

International Banking Contacts in Copenhagen

international banking contacts

Gary Scott

Leather clip-clops echo on cobblestone squares as bear-skinned soldiers stride by. Waterfront smells ride on a brisk ocean breeze. A bronzed temptress sits on rocks overlooking a choppy, windblown sea. What secrets are held in her mysterious eyes? What a special place. This is one reason why I like international banking in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, Denmark, Midsummer's Eve. Spotting trends before the pack is one of the easiest ways to make substantial profits. This thought was on my mind as Merri and I flew to Denmark where I spoke at Jyske Bank's international banking and investing course.

We brought our daughters Francesca and Eleanor to a course entitled International Banking Copenhagen, and while in Copenhagen took in the wonderful sights of the city, visiting the cobblestone square of Copenhagen 's Amalienborg Palace with its bear-skin hatted soldiers guarding their Queen. We strolled up the waterfront to the statue of the Little Mermaid that bronzed temptress sitting on a rock in the sea. Over a week we went everywhere and let the city unfold like a string of pleasantly lustered pearls. Denmark is an enjoyable place to visit but I also spotted trends in its history and recent stock market conditions which suggest that Denmark is also a great place for international banking and international investing.

You can see pictures of lovely Copenhagen

international banking contacts

The Little Mermaid, Copenhagen's Bronze Temptress

Copenhagen International Banking Stability

Denmark is a good place for international investing because it is stable. Denmark 's history and stability are deep. For centuries Danish Vikings were fierce marauders and Denmark 's warmongering navy was among Europe 's strongest.

Copenhagen International Banking Currency

These warriors traveled afar and left their mark. Their global wanderings have made them expert currency traders. However, this recent visit to Denmark gave me clues suggesting we should now invade the Danes, by using their international banking system.

Denmark is a member of the EU, but its currency, the kroner, is not in the EMU. This makes the kroner an attractive currency, linked to the Euro.

Copenhagen International Banking Fundamentals

Another good fundamental for international banking and international investing is Denmark's low unemployment rate compared to France, Germany's Italy's and Spain's rates.

I am also impressed with Denmark's low inflation and its federal budget running a surplus of its Gross Domestic Product. Most Euro nations are still turning deficits.

Denmark is small (just over 5 million population-about half the size of Maine), but I like that too. Small, stable countries have an advantage as the economic success in Singapore , Hong Kong and Switzerland can attest. And Denmark is about as stable as you can get having one of the world's oldest Parliaments that is so open anyone can visit at any time. Yet there are no security checks at the Parliament entrance which suggest the country has peace and low crime as well. In fact it has been said the only problem of the Danish Police is to act as if they have something to do!

Denmark has also invested heavily in electronic education so its kids and young workers are computer literate and well linked to the Internet open to the future of the modern world. Add all these little benefits up and the list becomes impressive.

Copenhagen International Banking My Bank

One Danish bank I particularly like is Jyske Bank. I have been working closely with this bank for many years and use them more than any other banker in the world. The more I see the more I like. Jyske is one of the country's leading financial institutions and specializes in the borrow low-deposit high technique. Most investment banks offer this service in one way or another, but Jyske offers a very organized approach to this investing strategy. Jyske's high degree of specialization in the field of lending to invest is unusual and I think this will continue to attract business.

You can gain details about Jyske Bank

international banking contacts

Jyske Bank is the second largest independent bank in Denmark

Jyske conducts Copenhagen international banking conferences. For details contact marketing director Thomas Fischer at

Copenhagen International Banking Privacy

The private banking division of the bank offers every service you can get from Swiss and other tax havens, but I believe Jyske and Denmark have several advantages. First though bank privacy in Denmark is not secret in the Swiss or Liechtenstein way, Denmark 's confidentiality is enough for any non-European investor. Yet Copenhagen is not thought of as a tax haven. Having a Danish bank account won't raise the same suspicions as Swiss, Cayman or Bahamian, etc. Trends in bank privacy seem to be shifting adversely. Governments are cracking down on privacy. Banking centers offering complete secrecy are likely (along with their clients) to become increasingly targeted, even though they do nothing wrong. Danish type privacy will become a realistic alternative for honest investors who want a little privacy but don't want to become suspect of hiding wealth.

Copenhagen International Banking Fees

Jyske's banking services, though comprehensive and totally global, are inexpensive. American investors can get more investments and investment services in Copenhagen than at many Swiss banks. For example, just before the trip to Copenhagen I bought Eurobonds in Switzerland from Credit Suisse. The cost was 3/4%. Had I made the trip to Copenhagen first, I would have known that Jyske's fees are only 1/4%. I would have saved a bundle on my bond purchase. Guess where I'll buy my bonds next!


international banking contacts
Copenhagen International Banking
March 16, 2005
international banking contacts


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