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Banking Services for "AAA" Safety


Gary Scott

Denmark is now one of the safest places to obtain banking services. This tiny nation's capital may also be private investor's most intelligent place to get their banking services.

Moody's Investors Service gave Denmark an "AAA" -- the highest possible rating -- in August 2005, putting it in the league with Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Moody's cited Denmark's "profound economic transition" that came about as a result of structural that have reduced public debt.

Denmark has been able to achieve its goal of a "neutral fiscal and a marked reduction in public debt.

A recent article about banking services in the Copenhagen Post says:

"International credit rating bureau Moody's has named Denmark the safest place in the world to open a bank account, and the most stable in terms of financial foundation

"In a new report, international credit rating bureau Moody's has given Denmark top marks in two critical categories. Moody's named Denmark the safest country in the world to open a bank account, and rated the country's financial cushioning the world's best.

"Denmark ranked third in Moody's report last year, but conquered the top spot this year thanks in large part to Danske Bank's rating, which is among the five best in the world. In addition to Danske Bank, Jyske Bank and Sydbank have also received Moody's ratings, while Nordea's rating is included in figures for Sweden, which came in fourth on the international banking list.

"The rating provides little indication of the quality of many banks that have not been investigated by Moody's. But according to bank expert Bjarne Jensen, confidence in the Danish banking system is generally high among international creditors."

Jyske Bank is Denmark's second largest independent Danish bank

Banking Services from Jyske Bank

More Than 30 Years of Eminent Performance in Private Banking

Jyske Bank Private Banking is a division of the Jyske Bank Group, which dates back to the mid-1800s. The foundation of what is today known as Jyske Bank A/S - the second largest independent Danish bank - was laid in 1967 following the merger of four local Danish banks. Jyske Bank has consistently outperformed all other major Danish banks in core banking activities, setting an impressive record for economic performance. Jyske Bank has also earned a high credit rating from Moody's Investors Service, quite rare for a bank of this size.

The Private Banking division of the Jyske Bank Group has consistently grown for more than 30 years by focusing on the needs and opportunities of its clients. This division has more than 100 advisers who work in teams in the nine offices of Jyske Bank Private Banking. The advisers serve over 35,000 clients in more than 135 countries. Every client's profile is confidential and not even shared with other Jyske Bank units. The private banking services division operates from the following offices:

Banking Services in Copenhagen

The Copenhagen office was established in 1966 by the Finansbanken and taken over by Jyske Bank in 1981.

Banking Services in Zurich

The Zurich office is the oldest Scandinavian-owned subsidiary bank in Switzerland. It was established in 1970 as a subsidiary of the Finansbanken and originally named the Finanz- und Investmentbank until it changed to its present name in 1985.

Banking Services in Gibraltar

The Gibraltar office was founded as A.L.Galliano Bankers, Gibraltar's oldest family-owned bank, dating back to 1855. In 1987, the bank was taken over by Jyske Bank and acts both as a local Gibraltan bank and as an international private banking entity

Banking Services in London

In 1983 Jyske Bank established its office in one of the world's most important financial centres, London, and from 1986 Jyske Bank (London) has been an independent branch.

Banking Services in Fuengirola

Jyske Bank Private Banking was established in 1986 in Fuengirola on the Spanish Costa del Sol to attend to its clients in the area.

Banking Services in Aabenraa

The Private Banking office in Aabenraa was founded in 1985 to give advice to Jyske Bank's clients residing in Northern Germany from a central location in the borderland between Denmark and Germany.

Banking Services in Cannes

In 2003, Jyske opened offices in Cannes on the French Côte d’Azur.

Banking Services in Hamburg

The Hamburg office was established in 1987, when Jyske Bank bought the Hamburger Handelsbank, established in 1921.

Banking Services in Warsaw

In 2004, Jyske opened an office in Warsaw to enhance its bankig services in Eastern Europe.

Whether you choose banking services in Denmark or some other country my correspondence or seminars courses can help.


Banking Services for "AAA" Safety

May 8, 2005


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