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International Investments and IRAs

By Gary Scott

One powerful investment tactic I learned many years ago contradicts most financial planning thought.  Many financial planners put safety with pensions before high growth potential. My strategy always puts my high growth, high risk investments into my defined benefit pension instead.  

If I have some personal money and pension money to invest, I’ll put my personal money into the safe side of my portfolio, staid, low yield bonds that attract the least tax tax. Then I put my potential big whoppers in the pension.

If I lose in the pension I am allowed to place additional tax deductible funds in to make up the loss. In short the federal government subsidizes my loss!  Whenever else does this happen? 

If I win big, the gain is tax deferred. I get to roll over all the profits and keep investing. Nice.

Eventually that tax man is going to get his cut when I draw the money out of the pension. But that’s another story for another time. The story for now is that I get to reinvest my profits tax free.

IRAs do not offer quite as good a deal, but it still makes sense to lock your big potential profits into an IRA. So Jyske Bank with its high growth Jyske Invest mutual funds has been looking for ways to serve IRA accounts.

However the bank needed a registered investment adviser to be"middleman" and this was actually quite a hurdle. Most IRA managers do not want or know how to invest abroad.  Now thankfully Jyske has found a solution. They have a US registered sub adviser who can invest IRAs at Jyske Bank.

This provides investors a way to invest IRA funds into investments such as Jyske Invest’s Danish Equity Fund (up 43% in 2005), The JI German Equity Fund (up 27% in 2005), JI Japanese Equity Fund (up 42% in 2005), JI Far East Equity Fund (up 25% in 2005), and JI Indian Equity Fund (up 61% in 2005).

For full details contact Thomas Fischer at

And have good tax deferred international investments!


P.S. Join Merri, Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank and me to review how to invest IRAs abroad and learn which markets and currencies may be strong in the year ahead. DETAILS

P.P.S. Focus on Import-Export with Merri and me and tour Ecuador on our Import Export Expedition.

At both courses we’ll visit our new home in Caotacachi. Here is a picture of our courtyard where you are invited for tea!




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