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International Investments - Important Mergers

By Gary Scott

Merging is a universal fundamental law. This aspect of reality affects populations, relationships, economies, nutrition…really everything. We can look at most of life in terms of how they merge. Food merges with the body to become energy and mass. Light merges with the optic nerve to become our picture of the world, etc.

Recent messages have been leading to one of the most subtle, yet most important mergers, we may ever know….being thankful.

These messages have reviewed how to look at things in thankful ways. They have also looked at how spinal connections affect our thoughts and create our health. The health creates our thoughts in return!

When we merge thankful thoughts with our bodies, we become healthier. This improved health improves our thoughts. Better thinking helps us have everlasting wealth.

Easy to say…but how easy is it to do? This I do not know, except one simple thing. Just find something to be thankful for every day.

I have been asking you to send me what you are most thankful for. Here is what Steve Marchant, our man in Ecuador, wrote:

“Gary, I am thankful for my luck on fishing boats. In the early eighties I worked on 8 different fishing boats in Alaska. We were in some hairy storms in the Gulf of Alaska. Giant waves crashed over the wheelhouse on one occasion and broke the deck on another. We never lost anyone while I was there. But, of those 8 boats, 4 sank after I got off them. Fishermen are a superstitious lot. After I successfully secured a job on an old wooden Seattle-based Norwegian schooner I casually mentioned the ignominious history of my previous vessels during the evening meal. You could have heard a seagull squawk. I knew many who did die over the years, so I was always thankful and continue to be so.”

Please send me a note and tell me what you are thankful for to

For example, let’s look at why we should be thankful for the mess the Fed is making of the greenback.

Smart investors are always thankful when a government decides to buck an irresistible trend based on fundamentals. This is like trying to dam a raging river. Eventually that dam will break.

Thomas Fischer just wrote to me that the Fed is supporting the US dollar. He said that though the US current account deficit for the first quarter of 2006 was 6.3 % of GDP and yet foreign investors are still financing this all-time high current-account deficit without demanding a premium. But there should be concern about the welfare of the dollar. There is a reduced interest among foreign investors for dollar investing is a trend could grow that will force the US to pay higher interest rates to attract overseas money.

The dollar seems to be holding up despite the terrible debt and deficits but the main reason for this is the Fed’s support. There is a real need for a significant dollar depreciation. This was expressed at the G7 meeting in April. Instead, the Fed seems to be protecting the dollar.

Be thankful for this. It’s a rare occasion when we know what must happen in currency markets. Yet we do. The US dollar must fall and because of Fed support we are given time to invest in emerging currencies and even major European investments at bargain prices.

The South African rand, Turkish lira, New Zealand dollar, Hungarian florin and other emerging currencies have sagged mightily this year. They now pay high interest rates and have great potential for appreciation. The dollar's time will come. Its fall will create even more inflation. Many will suffer. We should be thankful that we do not have to be among those who lose.

Learn more about fighting inflation by investing in emerging currencies, gold, silver, Ecuador, import-export, overseas markets and more. Join Merri, Thomas Fischer from Jyske Bank Copenhagen and Steve Marchant from Ecuador and me at our September 15-16-17, 2006 International Business and Investing Made EZ course in North Carolina. Review where to invest and do business now and learn which markets and currencies may be strong in the year ahead. Learn more about Ecuador from Steve. Our May course was overbooked and the September course is filling up quickly. Our free accommodations here on the farm are reserved on a first come first served basis so do not delay! Go to

We can see the effects of inflation now. Yesterday we saw that due to huge expenditures on bombs and war, interest and misguided medical costs, this great nation has to close schools and can’t even afford to keep its jails open. See more at

There is more. As we traveled to Portland we were shocked by the decay in the Atlanta airport. The seats were cracked and stuffing falling out. In places the carpets were not just frayed and worn, they were replaced with cardboard, like at some third world airport.

A June 20, 2006 USA Today article entitled “Blame oil prices for those potholes,’ tells how America can no longer even repair its roads. The article; says: “Drivers be prepared for bumpy roads. Both price and availability problems are forcing local governments across the USA to scale back or cancel road projects this summer.” The article ends with a quote from a contracts administrator at a construction company: “Eventually you’re going to have to fix those roads. But if you’re out of money, you’re out of money.” Spend money on Iraq and let the nation fall apart. Isn’t that silly?

Yet it gets worse.


June, 2006


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