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International Investments - In Water

By Gary Scott

Thank you for your thanks! Here are what some of our readers are thankful for. Thank you for each thanks!

“Dear Gary, I am thankful for your e-mails every day! I am a novice investor and I am appreciative of all the information I can get. What has me worried at the moment is your take on the dollar going down, it worries me because living in England I have a lot of my portfolio invested in American dollars. The majority is invested in Energy with the remaining in a Water ETF. Should I be looking to reduce my exposure? Many thanks, Patrick”

Here is my reply.

Patrick, Thanks for asking. You should review this with your financial planner who will know your overall position and goals but equities in products such as energy and water are somewhat protected from the dollar’s fall. The dollar will fall but prices of water and energy will rise. Let me give you two examples the first being water. We have looked at numerous water investments traded on the NYSE in messages this past year. Here are the companies.

Insituform Technologies

In the last year the share price is up 47.7%.

Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux

This share price has risen over 40% in the last year as well.

Water investments make sense in times of inflation because water is essential. People will cut out vacations. People will cut back on buying new clothes. People will cut back on expanding their house or buying a new car. But they will not stop bathing and drinking water.

Equities as a whole are protected against inflation. Equities in essential commodities are even more protected.

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June, 2006


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