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International Investments that Sell - Lesson #6

investment trends

Gary Scott

This sixth lesson of International Investments that Sell shows how old time values and adventure can affect your international business and international investments.

Technological eras and the nature of man will expand markets in adventure as well as nostalgia. We want what we no longer have and our sanitized, rule bound, specialized compartmentalized lives are now pretty safe. Sometimes we want to take some risks. This is where adventure comes in.

A specific example of how to use this knowledge when looking for good investments is the Orvis Catalog Company. Their marketing reeks of adventure though they are mainly selling shirts, jackets, shoes and pants. They have been selling sports clothing and equipment for over 100 years and will stay in business because their catalog is so attuned to these times.

One recent catalog was more an adventure travel book than hard sell catalog. It featured five pictorial themes, "The Serengeti Safari, Walking with the Masai", "Amazonia, Cruise the Amazon and Rio Negro", "The American West", "A Celtic Journey" and "Gulf Coast, the Bird's Eye View".

Pictures included scenery, wildlife, rugged outdoor type people, (a cowboy, African photographer, fly fishing guide, two authors of outdoor books and a tug boat Captain) and you get so caught up in the stories that the offers sort of sneak up on you. The whole package keeps you reading. This sells and is marketing at its best.

Plus of course there are numerous mentions that Orvis is committed to conservation and gives 5% of its pre-tax profit for the conservation of critical fish and wildlife habitat (which sells to the convictions market).

Get an Orvis catalog and use it as a bellwether to gauge the marketing acumen of any company you might be considering for an investment.

Orvis Sells Adventure!

Gary Scott conducts courses on international business and international investments.

Along with adventure there is a growing market for inner peace. Today’s society may be safe physically but it is loaded with mental stress.

A perfect example of how this plays into the marketplace is typified in a recent USA Today article entitled “Rafting the stretches boundaries”. The article is accompanied by a woman doing yoga on a cliff deep in the woods overlooking a rushing rapids. The article tells how yoga-whitewater rafting tours are becoming a rage. Six companies now offer yoga-themed trips in terrain as diverse as the Sawtooth Mountains of Idaho to the tropical highlands of Fiji.

International Business and International Investments Ideas

Old time values, nostalgia, adventure and inner peace. These concepts are related and they sell. Look for international business and international investments that are in tune with this fact.

The final lesson seven looks at how markets for inner peace will also grow.


investment trends
International Investments that Sell was updated April 10, 2005.
investment trends


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