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International Investments Contact - Steve Marchant - Our Man in Ecuador

By Gary Scott

Merri and I have brought well over 1,500 people to Ecuador during the past 12 years. We have gained enormous experience learning what those who work, live, invest and do business here need.

One really important asset we and many of our readers have missed is steady follow up! So we have convinced our friend, Steve Marchant, to join our team here to help us and you with all your follow up needs.

Steve is English, but has lived in Ecuador for many years. As an English-Spanish professor he is perfectly bi-lingual and can act as an interpreter and translator. In fact we are donating part of his time to provide free English courses to those who cannot otherwise afford them here in Ecuador.

Steve has enormous international experience so he knows how to get around, how to research, how to look for things and how to get jobs done here.

After a relatively normal upbringing in Hampshire, England, Steve embarked on a series of adventures that reflect a strong sense of adventure, and an ability to adapt and communicate in difficult situations and different cultures. He has worked in numerous jobs ranging from commercial fishing in Alaska on high-liner halibut boats, to running his own successful wholesale food business in London that served thousands every day. He has great export experience and has exported missiles for the British army during the Falklands War, motor oil to Romania, computer equipment to Africa as well as Colombian clothes into Ecuador.

He understands shipping, export rules, and how to barter with indigenous traders at Ecuadorian markets to get a better price. Steve has a track record of getting the job done and always with his trademark smile and easy-going manner.

With Steve as our man in Ecuador we offer much more than just a course. Whatever your need, we can help. Exporters can use our extensive shipping and handling experience and by getting your papers in order, and your products packaged and shipped to you anywhere in the world. He can look after a house or follow up on legal and business transactions.

Whatever your need to enhance your freedom, in English or Spanish, we are here for you in Ecuador.

Recently Steve and I tested one of the hikes to Peguche Falls that we offer on our R&R program at El Meson. Join us at El Meson. See these wonderful views as you learn how to earn anywhere you travel. Learn how to be free with everlasting wealth. Join Merri, me and Steve Marchant for our Ecuador Import-Export Expedition. DETAILS


April, 2006



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Today's International Investments Message


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