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Natural Resources

International Investments in Environmental Concerns

By Gary Scott

Natural Resources

International investments, global health secrets and wealth through worldwide business are connected so here are so more ideas on investing, business and wealth.

There are many economic distortions including huge debt in the US and Japan, the two main engines of the global economy. Tensions between Christianity and Islam, continued poverty in most of the world, a deteriorating environment and growing demand for the world’s diminishing main supply of energy. No one knows how this will turn out.

All we can be sure of is that these distortions will bring change. This depresses many.

But it should not. Change is natural and if we become agents instead of victims of change we can earn untold fortunes. Opportunity has never been so good.

A way to profit in business is via tourism. Humanitarian and environmental concerns create greater tour opportunities than ever before. Tourism is a lucrative business that helps accelerate the union of mankind. One wonderful place to organize environmental tours is Yachana Lodge.

Yachana is run by the same charitable organization that produces Yachana Organic Jungle Chocolate. “Yachana” means "a place for learning" in the indigenous Quichua language and is run by a non-profit foundation whose goal is to protect Ecuador's rainforest by educating and empowering its people.

The Lodge is nestled on the banks of the Napo River in the tiny community of Mondaña two hours from Coca by motorized canoe. It is a unique ecotourism destination that helps travelers understand the environmental and cultural threats facing the Amazon region.

The Lodge sits amidst 3000 acres of primary and secondary rainforest that are home to thousands of species of exotic plants and animals. Every room provides a stunning view of the Napo River and comes with a private bathroom complete with hot showers and safe drinking water. Additionally, the dining room serves exquisite dishes made from ingredients grown locally.

When you are not relaxing at the Lodge or enjoying a delectable "jungle" meal, you can experience the magic of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Yachana's naturalist guides help you discover how the area's peoples have co-existed with the forest for centuries, learn how medicinal plants are used, visit a traditional healer, and explore the lush tropical rainforest.

By organizing tours to Yachana you help preserve the rainforest. The Lodge provides stable employment and training to its primarily local staff and serves as an important source of income for Amazon community development and environmental protection projects.

Learn more about how to export tours at our Import Export Expedition.

Learn about exporting exquisite wooden doors like our front door at El Meson in Cotacachi

International Investments in Water

The enormous change in our world offers opportunity for investors as well. One area of great opportunity is in water and one of the big areas in this field is helping municipalities move and clean dirty water.

To this end on November 3rd 2005 we looked at Insituform Technologies, a leader in trench-less water line replacement.

Their Insituform process is the most widely used trench-less method for restoring structural integrity to and removing infiltration from sewers with a resin-impregnated tube using robotic methods to restore active connections from within the line.

Now analysts at Stifel Nicolaus & Company have upgraded Insituform Technologies Inc (INSU.NASDAQ) to "buy."

They published a research document, raising their estimates for the company due to increased spending in sewer and wastewater infrastructure in the U.S. Growth in this area is expected to rise through 2009.

Sewer rehab accounts for more than 75% of Insituform Technologies’ revenues. You can learn more at and

Learn more about investing in water. Join Merri, Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank and me at our next International Business and Investing Made EZ course in North Carolina, this May 26-28, 2006.  Review where to invest and do business now and learn which markets and currencies may be strong in the year ahead. Details are at

Finally the health tip today is to take care that changing conditions do not make you depressed!  According to the Report of the Surgeon General on Mental Health "many episodes of depression are associated with some sort of acute or chronic adversity".  The continual ups and downs of the markets and economy can confuse and depress many. Yet good health is the foundation of wealth. Depression can reduce your performance in business and investing.   

Here are seven steps you can take to brighten your mood if the turmoil of modern life is getting you down.

First, realize that every economic move is filled with opportunity. Second, exercise more ....preferably in the sun.  Third, eat less junk food, especially soft drinks.  Fourth, go to bed before ten. Fifth, arise before six. (If you are not sleepy until two, then stay up all night.  The next night you will feel like going to bed early.)  Six, turn off the evening NEWS.

Finally, consider using the Neuro Emotional Techniques (NET) that have worked with people all over the world to eliminate depression.

Stress from acute or chronic adversity comes from unresolved emotional issues such as such as trauma, guilt, shame, fear, anger and sadness.  The Neuro Emotional Technique eliminates fears and worries about health, diet and life changes sometimes in minutes. 

You can earn more about NET at

The doctor taps a series of acupuncture points with his fingertips.  We often have our friend, Dr. Terry Hambrick DC, work on us with NET and this has dramatically improved my life.  Terry will conduct a week long detox program this summer at the farm. See

Have a great week and until next message, good investing!


P.S. Our March and April Import Export Expedition were totally filled. Join us for our next Import Export Expedition.

Natural Resources
March, 2006
Natural Resources





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