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international investment philosophy

International Investments and VAMOS
By Gary Scott

international investment philosophy

I speak regularly at Jyske Bank seminars which provided excellent speakers who covered a wide range of subjects. One speaker outlined Jyske’s VAMOS share selection system. 

VAMOS stands for Value, Momentum and Strength.

Once a week Jyske screens 7,000 stocks globally after the model adjusts each company’s accounts to equalize differences in accounting standards. 

Then the system rates each share on a scale of 0 (lowest) to 10 (highest) for each of Value, Momentum and Strength. The value exam aims to find shares that have an attractive valuation, good price to earnings, dividends etc. The momentum test looks for rising earnings and the strength review looks for high quality businesses that Jyske would want to hold for three years or more. 

This first analysis places all the shares into four quadrants and the bank then looks further at the upper quadrant where shares are cheap and earnings are being upgraded. This dramatically reduces the number of shares that get an in depth review and Jyske then does a due diligence process on the shares offering the best VAMOS before

The system has worked well. A test model was reviewed back through 1990 and found that 20% of the best-scoring stocks outperformed their market by 8% per annum. Based on this success, Jyske started its Jyske Invest Favorite Equity Fund which has a portfolio of 30-35 stocks selected through the VAMOS process.

The results have been outstanding since the fund began in 2003. Here are the results:

Year MSCI Return Jyske Favorite Fund Added Performance
2003 10.395 13.95% 3.02%
2004 6.35% 10.23% 3.88%
2005 15.33% 29.51% 14.17% (6 mos.)

Jyske Invest Favorite Equity Fund is only available for citizens of Denmark so Jyske Invest has now opened the Jyske Invest International Favorite Equity Fund for clients outside Denmark.

You can get ideas on this fund from Thomas Fischer at

Until next message, good global investing!


international investment philosophy   international investment philosophy


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