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international investment philosophy

Giving Trends
By Gary Scott

international investment philosophy

International investment opportunities are best when we spot important trends.

Yesterday’s message looked at truthiness and a quote from Michael Adams, a professor at North Carolina State University who specializes in lexicology. He said "truthiness" means "truthy, not facty.

"The national argument right now is, one, who's got the truth and, two, who's got the facts," he said. "Until we can manage to get the two of them back together again, we're not going make much progress."

This leads us to what could be a huge socio-economic change.

For many years, boomers have not been such big participants as the GI Generation in social and fraternal organizations such as Elks, Rotary and such. Even AARP, the huge organization for adults over 50 is suffering from dwindling numbers.  

One market study suggests that Boomers have a greater belief in government entitlements and a lesser belief in personal obligations than the previous GI Generation.  As Boomers now replace the GI Generation as the mature leaders there could be a shift in how the wealthy give back.

Boomers do give but in different ways. They have created individualistic ways of giving.  These studies suggest that Boomers give even more than previous generations.

This gives us a clue as to how Boomers are reacting to the cynicism that comes from truthiness. They mistrust many of the main social institutions including charity and giving through institutions, but that their belief in charity remains strong and growing. If these studies are correct, then America still believes in happy endings but wants to eliminate the middle man who might stand in the way of the sympathetic character and the worthwhile goal. Boomers may prefer to create the happy ending direct.

Look for how this affects wealth distribution and cash flows. Seeing the change could improve your business and investing. I hope so because that could create happy endings for you!


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international investment philosophy   international investment philosophy


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