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international investment philosophy

300 Million
By Gary Scott

international investment philosophy

International investments have been in tune with the times for 40 years. The emergence of the global economy has been one of the biggest investment trends.

One continued part of this trend, that can make us all rich, is reaching a milestone.

The convergence of better travel, better information processing and better communications merging with a 78 million person population spurt has caused the global economy to explode. As Boomers mature new forces are ready to emerge.

Since I am one of these boomers and since my birthday is October, I found the New York Times article by SAM ROBERTS, "Come October, Baby Will Make 300 Million or So" enlightening.

The article says:

"If the experts are right, some time this month, perhaps somewhere in the suburban South or West, a couple, most likely white Anglo-Saxon Protestants or Hispanic, will conceive a baby who, when born in October, will become the 300 millionth American."

"Still, demographers do know that the United States, which ranks third in population behind China and India, is still gaining people while many other industrialized nations are not. (Japan, officials there announced last month, has begun shrinking.) Driven by immigration and higher fertility rates, particularly among newcomers from abroad, the United States' population is growing by just under 1 percent annually, the equivalent of the entire population of Chicago (2.8 million)."

There are several interesting facts the article pointed out. Here is the first:

"Given the demographic changes recorded in the 20th century, the 300 millionth American, born in the same year the first baby boomers turn 60, will be a very different person from the paradigm in 1915, when the nation's estimated population passed 100 million, or even in 1967, when it topped 200 million."

As we boomers start to think "retire", a new wave of youth creating new markets, new opportunities and buying patterns will be thinking "build, grow, achieve". These new markets will be very different as the article went on to show when it said:  

"The 300 millionth will be a Mexican Latino in Los Angeles County, with parents who speak Spanish at home and with siblings who are bilingual," said William Frey, a demographer with the University of Michigan Population Studies Center.”

We can compare this with the 200 millionth person who was born in the late 60's - a white son to middle-class suburbanites in Los Angeles or New York City. The 100 millionth person was born in the late 1910's, to a white ethnic city family in New York City or rural family in upstate New York or Pennsylvania.

I have been thinking about these growth patterns for some time.

Know one knows how all this will play out in the market place but this article shows us that this growth is upon us now. There are several thoughts we can derive from this. First, we boomers may benefit. The key to unfunded pensions such as Social Security is an ever growing population. America’s aged will have a leg up on those in Europe and Japan. Second, this continued growth may make America’s real state bubble less speculative than it would seem.

Like every era there will be opportunities created by a growing market. This remains in tune with an expanding economy so Merri and I look forward to our continued travels and sharing what we find with you. 

Until next message good international investing!


P.S. Join me with Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank to review which markets and currencies may be strong in the year ahead. 

Merri and I are getting settled in our Ecuadorian (old) home which we will visit during this course. A picture of the courtyard is below. We have a cup of coffee or herbal tea waiting for you!

international investment philosophy   international investment philosophy


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