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international investment philosophy

International Investments Create Passionate Profits
By Gary Scott

international investment philosophy

International investments offer such a variety of choice that anyone can follow the powerful recommendation to turn your passion into profit…even if you are 16 years old.

This letter from our friend Thomas Fischer at Jyske Bank proves it!

"Hi Gary,

I often think of your investment philosophy "only invest in something you know or care about." I want to tell you a story about this.

"My 16 year old son Matthias is mad about football (soccer). He plays himself and also follow Manchester United in England and FC Copenhagen in Denmark.

"He has been to many live FC Copenhagen games and watches Manchester United on the television.

"We had his confirmation 2 years ago and he received several money gifts totaling around DKK 6500 (USD 1,000). He chose to invest the money on the stock exchange making his first investments (he was 14 then) buying shares in Manchester United and FC Copenhagen.

"About a year ago the American investor Frazer bought Manchester United. “Matthias was bought out making a 25% profit in one year.

"The story gets even better because his shares in FC Copenhagen are now trading at DKK 645 and he bought at DKK275 two years ago giving him a profit of 135%!

"He has also received dividends and free tickets to some of the matches so his total return is even higher.

"He didn’t know anything about stocks and bonds but chose to invest in something he cared about. He has now instructed me to sell half his position in FC Copenhagen because as he says ‘I will have recouped my money and still have shares giving me tickets and dividends and perhaps further increases.’

"As an investment banker I am proud of him but how do I now explain to him that its not always that easy!! Also I used to have the investment section of the paper to myself but know I have to share it with Matthias.“The story is getting still even better because the share jumped DKK 65,- this morning (+10%) and is now trading at 710 versus 645 Friday and Matthias total gain is now 158% in 2 years (not counting benefits such as tickets and dividends). He has already called me and we sold half his position at 710.

"Your the ‘now reading sport section’ private banker, Thomas”

Perhaps it is that easy! Be childlike. Invest in what you love and know and let the power of enthusiasm enhance you profit.

Good international investing!


P.S. Join Merri, Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank and me to review where to invest and do business now and learn which markets and currencies may be strong in the year ahead.

P.P.S Focus on Import-Export with Merri and me and tour Ecuador on our next Import Export Expedition. Merri and I are passionate about the valley where we now live. The beauty here is one reason. This picture shows more than I can say

international investment philosophy   international investment philosophy


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