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international investment philosophy

International Investments In The Cabbage Tree That Talks
By Gary Scott

international investment philosophy

* Part #1: For greater wealth and better health get a life. No… instead get a philosophy!!

* Part #2: Beware of avoiding problems. See why.

* Part #3: The greatest passport story yet.

* Part #1. The most important message you can gain from our websites is simple’ that your philosophy is everything!

Without beliefs your investing, travels, lifestyles and business are like a ship without a rudder.

There is a catch.

The catch is that your philosophy must inevitably be in a continual state of change.

A flaw in western lifestyles was first pointed out by a friend who is a very wise Incan, Yatchak. He explained that most westerners fail to respect endings. So they resist change.

In fact we as a society abhor endings. This problem reduces our ability to rid ourselves of the old. Thus we end up carrying baggage in our businesses and financial affairs and our philosophies! Freshness cannot grow amidst the stale. Nature in its perfect balance fertilizes the new with endings. Yet we resist.

Investors hold shares that have risen dramatically but have no more potential. Reality is-the potential is gone. The investment offered a great ride but the time has come to clear out. Period. Yet some hang on. This leads to disaster. Values fall.

Businesses do this as well. Jack Welsh, former head of GE, pointed out that businesses have to continually reinvent themselves. He says "treat reality as it is, not as it was or as you want it to be. The ways we make money today will not be the best ways to make money tomorrow.”

Good businessmen respect this fact and continually look for new opportunity and move on. Yet this is hard because of our Western expansionist indoctrination. Our linear thought process is based on never-ending expansion. We rape our forests, deplete our natural resources, pollute our air and water in a relentless quest. We have to have more. There is a price to pay.

Our current economy is seriously threatened by this phenomenon. After the oil crisis of the 80s, the day of the gas guzzler should have come to an end. Yet we barely slowed as economy cars gave way to SUVs and a penchant for large trucks that consumed more gas than miles. Now we face an energy crisis yet again because we failed to appreciate endings.

I was thinking about this as I rode through the country side the other day. The Andes has been going through a set of demonstrations. These seem to be annual affairs rarely bloody, more like street parties where groups of workers blockade roads, (like the farmers do in France) usually the Pan American Highway.

These darn things are inconvenient. You have to drive through the back roads to get anywhere and supplies run short because trucks cannot move. The government is smart though. They do not hurt or even punish the offenders. The police stand nearby but are not aggressive. They let the people have their say (which usually takes a week or so). Usually make some change and everyone gets on with life.

But I was grumbling as we diverted through tiny villages to get from Cotacachi to Otavalo. Then we came around a corner and I saw a site I had never seen before. Three huge cabbage trees at least ten feet tall. The cabbages in Ecuador are phenomenal to begin with. They are huge. Yet a cabbage tree?

We drove on and I don’t think that Merri or the driver knew what a profound moment that had been for me.

Those trees reminded me that every cloud has a silver lining. They reminded me that life is about change and if we accept this around every corner something new awaits to inform transform and please.

Now I know that there are cabbage trees! I must thank the demonstrators for this. The ride and the trees help my evolution and philosophy.

When I made it back to the hotel, I pulled up the news and this really put things in perspective. The picture below immediately popped up.

Looks scary? Was this a demonstration in Ecuador?

No this picture was part of the CNN article below about riots in Paris.

“PARIS, France (AP) -- Police loosed water cannons and tear gas on rioting students and activists rampaged through a McDonald's and attacked store fronts in the capital Saturday as demonstrations against a plan to relax job protections spread in a widening arc across France.

“The protests, which drew some 500,000 people in cities across the country, were the biggest show yet of escalating anger that is testing the strength of the conservative government before elections next year.”

“Thank goodness,” I thought, “that I live in a country where the people are so sweet that even the demonstrations are peaceful!”

Here the people are sweet and peaceful like this girl and lady selling cabbages in the market (perhaps from a cabbage tree)!

Expand your horizons and let your philosophy grow as you learn how to profit from exporting. Join Merri and me for our next Ecuador-Import Export Expedition.

Part #2: Here is a wonderful heath tip sent from a reader. STOP WORRYING SO MUCH. MAKE LIFE SIMPLE!

Here is what this reader shared:
“Gary & Merri, Last time in Ecuador I was on a very long bus ride from Quito to Cuenca. While looking out of the window it began to rain quite heavily. As I watched the people walking along the road I realized that they were not deterred by the rain, they were not running for cover or bent over as though the rain were too heavy of a burden to carry.

“I thought of how back in the states people would be running for cover, and if there were none to be found they would drop their head and shoulders as though they were in a state of suffering.

“I realized that I had a lot to learn, or perhaps re-learn is a better phrase. Here in their simple and basic life, close to nature they had retained that ancient wisdom of the ages. When you get wet, you will dry out, after a rain, the sun shines. Oh! How we forget the wisdom of the ages. Blessings, Lorenzo”

Here is one of the sweet people you see in Ecuador!

Part #3: Yes we do worry too much and forget the simple wisdoms so I must share another story.

This site reported how Houston customs officers lost my passport.

I have written, fussed and bothered over the frustration and how this highlighted all the negative change that is coming to America and the Western world. Then this wonderful reader shared his passport story.

This is the “Mother of all Passport Stories” and tells us everything about who we need most to change.

“Gary, I have a passport story also. In 1989 I was crossing the Sahara Desert and I gave away all my money and clothes to anyone who wanted them and burned my passport.

“I wanted to know whether God - the cosmic good - would protect me or if I would perish under a sand dune.

“I continued traveling. I crossed borders that were only marked with land mines. I very nearly died many times. Of thirst, from mines, from guns, from disease and eventually by torture once I finally ended up in prison in Nigeria.

“I have written about it - some 70 000 words, and I'd love to share
those stories with you sometime. Ultimately I learned this:

That God is good, magnificent and incredible.

That freedom is a choice that few people want or ever take.

That there is no pain when there is love.

And that your needs will always be looked after, so be careful what you choose to desire! See you soon, JGD,”

With that, have a great weekend. I hope your desires will all be fulfilled and good!


Learn more about how to develop investing philosophies. Join Merri, Thomas Fischer of Jyske Bank and me at our next International Business and Investing Made EZ course in North Carolina.

international investment philosophy
March, 2006
international investment philosophy


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