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international investment philosophy

International Investments & The Big Blender
By Gary Scott

international investment philosophy

Ever wonder what it would be like to be stuck inside a huge blender…..with the switch turned on?

Actually you know what it feels like…we live in and are one great big blender!

Knowing this provides an incredibly powerful trick for success.

The trick is to align with reality. This is easier said than done. Society tries to stuff our thoughts into self serving boxes that camouflage reality. Plus describing reality is tough. It does not work in English and is by all accounts quite strange, infinite, unbounded and indescribable.

But we can gain glimpses of reality that support our business, money, wealth and health.

One of these glimpses of reality is that all existence is a process of eternal blending.

Blending can be fun. These dancers in a recent Cotacachi parade think so!

Knowing this gives us the wisdom to realize that the global marketplace is unstoppable. Buyers will go to the least expensive sellers. Producers will hire the most efficient, least expensive labor and money will flow to the places where products and services are best. Due to technology, time and space no longer matter much. Borders will not stop the flow of commerce.

Knowing this allows us to spot distortions.

For example, Monday’s Health Tip looked at the benefits of dental and elective medical procedures in Ecuador.

Countries often try to use borders, history, legal structures and such to lock citizens (legally or though misinformation) into using local products and services. This is true, for example, in the case of US medicine that costs much more (for the same thing) in Canada.

Yet equal or even better medical facilities are often available for less in other countries. Our messages have looked at this numerous times.

Other media are getting into this act.

"Sixty Minutes" reported on hospitals in Asia several months ago. Not only is the hospital like living in a resort, but different procedures are handled there. There is a minimally invasive hip transplant that has not been approved in the US.

An alert reader recently sent me a note for the San Francisco Chronicle written by Victoria Colliver. This story is about dental tourists and tells how Jim Paggi, a 56-year-old man went to Hungary in March to get his teeth fixed for less than a third of what it would have cost in the Bay Area.

Here is a quote: “While statistics on medical tourism aren't available, the trend by all accounts is gaining steam. A growing number of countries, including India, Thailand and Singapore, are marketing medical and dental services to foreigners, boasting of ‘first world medicine’ at cut-rate prices.

"Patients from wealthier countries often travel to these destinations for some sun and relaxation, plus a hip replacement, vision correction or perhaps cardiac surgery.

"Dental procedures are a common choice because only about 50 percent of Americans have insurance for such care. And those people who are insured often face stiff dental bills. Insurance plans, typically offered through employers, require patients to pay a significant share of the costs of procedures beyond standard preventive care.

"Paggi's oral odyssey began in January after he consulted several dentists in the Bay Area and learned that the cost of work to repair his teeth could reach $60,000. Years of neglect and bacterial infections had caused Paggi's teeth to decay, a condition that had accelerated in the past few years. A traveler's guide to dental care is available through the Organization for Safety and Asepsis Procedures at"

The article outlined that Paggi’s trip AND dental bill came to only $20,000.

You can read the entire article

One of our recent delegates awoke in the night and thought he was having a heart attack. He was zipped to the nearby hospital and spent three nights having tests and being observed. “Nothing serious,” he later told us, “but I loved the medical service”.

We love our dentist and so many of our clients have gone there they have added an English speaking staff. See for his telephone number. 593-22-430729

I have also been told that plastic surgery here is very good and inexpensive. When I had a small skin cancer, the top oncologist who dealt with this charged me $45 a visit (including the radiation treatment). The tests were nominal (under $100).

You can also see Merri’s experience.

Our research service here can help you. DETAILS

Until next message, good health to you!


These parade watchers, some in their traditional garb and others in blue jeans, show how the global market place blends.

P.S.  Good blending and the global economy require good language skills.   Join Merri and me in Cotacachi to learn Super Learning/Super Spanish in just one week this July.  DETAILS

international investment philosophy
April, 2006
international investment philosophy


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