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international investment philosophy

International Investments Old Time Values

international investment philosophy

By Gary Scott

Think about this. A small, mainly rural state of North Carolina is home of Charlotte, the second largest banking center in the US. Jyske Bank, the second largest bank in Denmark is headquartered in Silkeborg in the small, mainly rural state of Jutland. International Investments Fact Why? Both cities grew as banking centers through many mergers and acquisitions because they have good, old fashioned values. In the US, hot, shot big banks in Illinois got in trouble some decades back. Steady North Carolina banks were there to help and bought them a rock bottom process. Then high rolling Texan banks overextended. The steady, solid North Carolina banks were there and helped out by buying them up. Next California’s biggest plum Bank of America grew and grew. After all California is where the action is. Guess where their headquarters are situated now?

The former Bank of America Center above was in California. Now see their new address below:

Bank of America Corporate Center
100 North Tryon St.
Charlotte, North Carolina 28255

International Investments Grow through good old time values.

Remain steady, wait and your international investment opportunity will come. We know this from that legend of the hare and tortoise.

International Investments in Denmark

Jyske Bank sports a similar story and I was recently reminded of this when I first saw the Tollund Jar which honors the Tollond Man.

Jyske Bank’s headquarters sits on a lake in Silkeborg not far from a series of peat bogs where The Tollund Man, one of the city’s greatest treasures was found. Tollund Man is a well-preserved human being found in the Silkeborg Bogs. He now rests in the Silkeborg Museum and is a reminder from the iron age of our past from more than 2000 years ago.

So when Jyske Bank was planning its new headquarters they decided to have Peter Brandes, a famous Danish artist, create a huge jar that would be placed in a basin as part of a spring that originated under the bank and flowed into Silkeborg’s lakes.

They selected the shape of a jar because jars are the vessels of oil, water and grain - things needed to sustain life, or the bones or ashes of the dead. The jar represents the container of life and death honoring the basics of living and the lessons of the past.

International Investments-the Secret

This is the secret of North Carolina and Jyske Bank. Stick to the basics and remember the lessons from the past.

Brandes says he created a jar cast in bronze representing his perceptions of the Tollund Man. “His feet pointing up and his head pointing to the spring from which he emerged and to which he will be born anew.”

The opposite side of the jar depicts a row of ox heads that symbolize strength and vigor. The jar was cast at Europe’s finest foundry, Fonderia Mariani iin Pietrasanta Italy, is over ten feet tall and weighs over a ton.

200 smaller replicas were cast as well and one of these sits at the entry of Merri’s and my new house in North Carolina. Each time I enter the house it reminds me to progress, but accept and embrace change. Evolve, but do so on a foundation of old time values.

International Investments Final Note

One final note about international investments and this site. A reader recently asked me if I am paid a commission for sending clients to Jyske bank. I am not, nor is any related company or person related to me compensated in any way. I have used Jyske bank for more than a decade and work closely with them because my experience has shown that they can help my readers accomplish what I write about in an easy, efficient, low cost way.

Nor am I paid for recommending Ashe County real estate.

In both cases I happily write about them because I like their old fashion values.

Until next message may all your values be good!


international investment philosophy
International Investments Old Time Values was updated October 3, 2005
international investment philosophy


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