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international investment philosophy

International Investments and The Importance of Being a Traveler

international investment philosophy

International investments bring wonderous things!

By Gary Scott

Sweet scents hang in the mangos and the sun boils orange on sunrise morning mists. Merri and I sit in the quiet Ecuadorian garden of daybreak counting blessings and hummingbirds that sip at the sweet nectars of dawn.

Why do we love this travel between nations, jaunting along cultures and crossing over mountains, valleys and seas? What mysterious thing pulls at our souls and coaxes us from the warm comfort of familiarity? Why do we battle with new sights, sounds and customs as we plod through new languages and terrain when we could be in one place and call it home?

Well, there are many reasons…good ones, to be a traveler.

The financial side counts of course. All the years of our travel and living abroad we have found incredible opportunities. For example, in Ecuador a high standard of living is very affordable. Houses cost almost nothing. We saw nice condos in Old Quito for $21,000 and wonderful houses with majestic views high in the Andes for $50,000 and less. Gas is $1.48 a gallon gas (plus tax) and low cost drivers with cars make transportation cheap. Organic lettuce in the next door garden costs 10 cents a head and the local markets are piled with fresh vine ripened vegetables and fruit. Where else for $2,000 a month could you have a nice patio home, maid, gardener, excellent fresh organic food, plus plenty of money to wine, dine and enjoy nights out?

There is much more. Beauty inside for instance. Just take a look at where we shop.  

This portrait of commerce repeats itself in every city and town where sweet, humble people offer delicious food and do so because they really want to please.

Health services are special as well. The costs are really low, but there is more, the old patient/healer communication that has disappeared in the West remains. Medicine remains a humanitarian art more than a business so I prefer the dentist and doctor system in Ecuador. See these articles. BITE THIS and MEDICAL PROBLEMS RESOLVED AT A LOW COST and THINGS MONEY CAN'T BUY

Dining, entertainment and culture are rich yet really inexpensive. You can enjoy a good three course meal in the center of the capital for $2.50.  Your food server will not try to be your best friend. Nor will he or she will interrogate you (“where ya from, what do ya do”?) nor will he try to fool you with a theme. Instead you’ll find a desire to happily serve good food in nice ways without the demands of a big tip.  

All this is good about Ecuador, but wanting to be a traveler is about more than any one place. This yearning to move to new locations, see new sights and sounds, tastes, smells and feels goes way beyond the economic stuff.

I believe that integration and assimilation are part of our being. Nature demands that every thing in existence mixes and blends. Perhaps we could even say that existence is the process of mixing and blending. Our universe is one big melting pot and we happen to be blessed to live during a time when we can so easily move around.

When we travel, we fulfill a role that has already been written within us and when we are in tune with nature every part of our body is enhanced. We grow and this helps us feel better despite the natural turmoil that comes with growth and change. Broadened horizons add an inner excitement and glow.

There is more. Travel erases boredom, that evil inner sanctum that dulls even the most brilliant aspects of our being. Boredom takes miracles like the sun, moon and stars and dashes them with the dust of too much ease and familiarity.

Ralph Waldo Emerson observed the wickedness of this boredom when he wrote:

"If the Stars should appear one night in a thousand years, how would men believe and adore; and preserve for many generations the remembrance of the city of God which had been shown! But every night come out these envoys of beauty, and light the universe with their admonishing smile."

To sum this up, travel helps us grow. Growth is the fermentation tank of joy. Watch a baby take his first step or see the wonder in a child’s initial ride on a bike and you will see.

All things are always in a process-growing, maintaining or transforming. Sometimes when we misunderstand transformation we try to maintain too much and this stifles our learning process and puts us in a rut. We are so afraid of dying that we forget to live. 

Ruts bury growth like graves with the ends kicked out.

When we enter a new land, arrive at the never before seen airport and fly over unknown cities where millions live happily in such completely different ways, we grow. We climb out of our ruts and live. 

So whether you come to Ecuador or any other of the countless delightful places in the world, expand your perspectives wherever and whenever you can. Travel in your mind and though your body. Doing this is natural and is what the entire history of mankind has made easy for us to do now.

Get out and travel! Shake the dust off your boots and experience other worlds other cultures. You’ll be glad you did.

Until next message, happy journeys to you!


international investment philosophy   international investment philosophy


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