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international investment trends

International Investments in Real Estate Coastal Values

international investment trends

Gary Scott

Spotting trends, contrasts and distortions can help us live and invest better.

According to demographic statistics, 53% of Americans now live in coastal counties that is only 25% of the US landmass. This inequality of distribution of Americans distorts house values. The average home value in the coastal counties is $308,845. The value elsewhere is nearly a third lower at $208,256.

In some places like Naples, Florida (Merri and I just spent a few days at our condo there) prices are even higher. A new golf course development (Quail West) in Naples was just finished with 306 lots. 

Sales opened December 1, 2005.

Less than 12 hours later 303 people from across the US and around the world had spend $306 million on 300 of these home sites! 

These people were chosen by lottery from a pool of nearly a thousand who had already paid a deposit in the hopes they would be chosen. In addition to forking out between $600,000 to $1.6 million dollars for a lot, they are also required to pay $175,000 to join the golf club and $7,000 a year in homeowners’ fees.

A smaller complex in the poorest area of Naples sold out in a day at $175,000 each for 735 square feet low-end projects.

This is a huge problem here as there are no homes now listed in Naples MLS for under $200,000. Yet a family of 4 making $56,000 a year can only afford a mortgage on a house worth less than $189,000. And the $56,000 is near the average income per capital in Naples.

Yet the shift to the coast grows. The number of Americans now living in coastal counties is up 63% since 1960.

Learn more about Punta Blanca

Now consider what it costs to own a home on the coast in Ecuador. Take Punta Blanca, Ecuador as an example.

A lot on the water (only a canal) in Naples just sold for $5.5 million. There are investments in Punta Blanca where a parcel of land to build a home is $5,500 just 3 hours and 45 minutes from Miami.

For instance the Lagoons is a development that can be reached from Guayaquil by paved road and has mobile phone service, electricity, potable water, security, trash removal, internet and satellite television.

According to the developer this project sits 984 feet from the sea. Lot prices (depending on the distance to the sea range from an astoundingly low $2,100 up to $11,000. Lots are 2,690 square feet. The $2,100 lots are 16 blocks from the water and the $11,000 lots are right on the water.

Down payments range from 10% to 30%, and five year financing at 6%. There are discounts on cash deals. House prices run from $26,460 for a 677 square foot unit to $49,980 for 1,280 square feet.. The developer offers eight different Santa Fe style models.

Down payments on the houses range from 40% to 50%, and financing is available for five years at 6% with discounts for cash purchases.

The TAOS restaurant is located in the project and shopping and facilities are 1/2 hour away, about four miles away in Libertad, Santa Elena and Salinas. Salinas is a very developed city.

A marina and yacht club with restaurants, bars, swimming pools, and an aquatic amusement park is about a mile away.

Please let me know at if you are interested in Ecuadorian costal property and we can help you arrange a tour after any of our three Ecuador seminars we’ll conduct this winter. You can see the schedule, Winter in Ecuador, below.

I have not seen this project nor have I met the developer but you can contact Gonzalo Eduardo Vela directly at

Until next message, good global investing!


international investment trends
international investment trends


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