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International Investments

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international investment trends

International Investments Create Independent Wealth, Adventure, Freedom & Fun

international investment trends

Learn How To...

* Earn Enormous Wealth

* Live Full or Part Time Ecuador

* Turn Trips Into a Tax Deductible Expense

* Increase Tax and Asset Protection

Gary and Merri Have Investing Meetings at Hotel Quito in Ecuador

Fellow Lover of Sunny Skies and Clear Blue Seas

Sun rays sparkle on emerald prisms of cool, spring fed pools. They reflect and dance, rainbows that glimmer on towering mahogany, banana, stately palm. Green vistas shimmer, easy paced in the afternoon sun as sweet, tropical perfumes float in the breeze.

What International Investments Create

My wife Merri and I are standing on a huge veranda, overlooking a vast expanse of lush, green, Ecuadorian countryside. A tropical breeze flows over the porch cooling the sunny afternoon. My portable computer sits before me. We are enjoying cricket songs, the soft breeze, but this is also work as we are putting the finishing touches of a special course on how you can have your own business, run from wherever you choose or from your home.

International Investments Bring Freedom

This course can dramatically improve your life, give you greater independence, increase financial safety and dramatically more freedom to lead the type of life they desire.

This course is based on our experiences from 37 years of international investing and international business. This course is available for anyone who would like to have a business small, or large, part or full time or who wants to make international investments.

Who International Investments Help

This information is vital for professionals who would like to develop a second dependable income, for those who are about to retire or lose their job, self employed business people who wish to expand and enhance profits and for investors who would like to finance small, high profit businesses. This course also applies to those who love international travel and who want to help improve global social and ecological conditions.

We have worked for decades to create a course that can help you turn the current negative economic fundamentals into profit, adventure, more freedom in life and less stress.

International Investments Problem

Before I explain these benefits, let me point out the sad economic fact that is affecting us all now will. This economic weakness will affect the way almost everyone lives, earns and saves. Regrettably most people will be overwhelmed. Most will see their income fall, their live's turn dull and gray. But a few (you can be one of these because of the knowledge shared here) will use the change to make life unbelievably better. You can gain a lifestyle so rich, independent and free that most could only think of it as a dream.

These flaws are caused in part by technology; improved use of computers, high speed, low cost communication and transportation that makes workers more efficient. This sounds wonderful, but in reality means that certain types of jobs become scarce. The handwriting is already on the wall. In Europe 10% unemployment of the work force is already normal. In some instances the unemployed are even much more! In the long run workers will gain even more productive jobs but during such workplace reorganisations a lot of people will suffer!

This loss of jobs is caused by a fundamental that could threaten your work, savings, family and finances. This simple but deadly fact is a flaw reaching such deep levels it will rip the guts out of many families' savings, leave them ruined, without jobs or wealth. The frightening part is this fundamental has now unleashed its destruction.

I want to explain what, why and how this flaw can create its crunch. Then I want to share how the same technology that has been a part of the flaw can also help you avoid economic pain and create a lifestyle so wonderful, you'll feel like you're living in a fairy tale. You will be able to actually turn technology and unemployment into benefits that help you make and keep untold wealth.

International Investments Solution

As you review the flaw below, remember every economic crash has a silver lining. The depression of the 30s created more millionaires than ever before. So will the upcoming crunch! By understanding the problem, you will be able to see easy ways to turn them into profit. Become one of the few enriched by this flaw rather than ruined.

The economic flaw is the current economic downturn. There can be no doubt now that there are serious risks in equity and real estate markets. There is a growing possibility we'll see a dramatic Wall Street collapse. Markets have turned down (Nasdaq is now less than 50% of its high). Losses can become much worse and be sustained. This risk is outlined in an excellent book, "Irrational Exuberance," written by Robert Schiller, Professor of Economics at Yale University. He confirms that U.S. shares are (still) vastly overvalued! The Dow more than tripled from 3,600 in 1994, yet basic economics have not come close to this. U.S. personal income has risen less than 30% (half of this is due to inflation). Corporate profits rose less than 60% (from a recession depressed base). The Standard & Poor's dividend yield is about 300% above its historical average.

All of these fundamental problems have been compounded by the high tech and .com crash. These markets may take years to recover and during this time the U.S. economy may suffer.

Yet this high tech problem creates a double opportunity now.

International Investments Course

This is a course customized for each delegate that helps you create your find our the best ways for you to make International Investments. For full details go to

Life is more than numbers! You can be free, independent and self fulfilled when you choose the world as your place of business and investing.


international investment trends

Gary conducts courses at his North Carolina Farm. For details on Gary Scott courses go to

international investment trends
International Investments Create Independent Wealth, Adventure, Freedom & Fun
March 15, 2005
international investment trends


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