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international investment trends

Terrifying Economic Facts

international investment trends

Gary Scott

International investments will be affected by three horrifying economic facts reviewed at the full house we had at our International Investments and Business course. These facts reveal an incredible risk we face. And of course show us an opportunity. 

A recent article in USA TODAY showed that the United States spends almost 50% more on health care than any other industrial nation (14.6% of GDP). Germany is next at 10.9%. All the other major countries spend far below this.

Yet Americans have the shortest longevity of all. Male life expectancy at 74.7 years. This is shorter than Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Norway, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Spain.

Just look at the numbers below:


Medical Spending as % of GDP

Female Life Male Life Expectancy
USA  14.6% 79.8 74.4
Germany 10.9% 81.3 75.6
France 9.7% 82.9 75.6
Canada 9.6% 82.2 77.1
Sweden 9.2% 82.1 77.7
Australia 9.1% 82.6 77.4
Norway 8.7% 81.5 76.4
Italy 8.5% 82.9 76.8
Japan 7.8% 85.2 75.3
Austria 7.7% 81.1 75.1
England 7.7% 80.4 75.5
Spain 7.6% 83.1 75.7
Ireland 7.3% 80.3 75.2

Here are the three dangerous economic facts.

Fact #1: The US has been the economic engine of the world for decades. A major business slowdown in America will hurt everyone globally and could even lead to war. What will Chinese politicians do if the hopes of their 1 billion population are let down because US exports dry up?

Fact #2: US government debt seems insurmountable at over seven trillion dollars. Yet according to USA Today this figure rises to 53 trillion if you take baby boomer retirement liabilities into account! This works out at $473,456 for every household’s share.

Fact #3: The US government gets 47.8% of its revenue from personal income tax and 34.2% from social security contributions or 82% of its total revenue. A huge portion of this revenue comes from the boomers who begin to retire in just six years.

In short the US and the rest of the world could be heading for a terrible financial crash.

Now we get to the bad part.

None of these figures take into account the declining health of America. The reality is that no one really knows how much health care will cost as boomers retire and life spans increase because America’s population is in such bad health. Chances are these costs will be worse! 

Here are excerpts from a recent US Surgeon General’s report recently

"Overweight and obesity are among the most pressing new health challenges we face today. Our modern environment has allowed these conditions to increase at alarming rates and become a growing health problem for our nation. Overweight and obesity may soon cause as much preventable disease and death as cigarette smoking.

“Approximately 300,000 US deaths a year currently are associated with obesity and overweight (compared to more than 400,000 deaths a year associated with cigarette smoking). The total direct and indirect costs attributed to overweight and obesity amounted to $117 billion in the year 2000.

“In 1999, an estimated 61% of US adults were overweight, along with 13% of children and adolescents. Obesity among adults has doubled since 1980, while overweight among adolescents has tripled. Only 3% of all Americans meet at least four of the five federal Food Guide Pyramid recommendations for the intake of grains, fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and meats. And less than one-third of Americans meet the federal recommendations to engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity at least five days a week, while 40% of adults engage in no leisure-time physical activity at all.”

This means that every aspect of our health and wealth, almost everything material is at risk.   First, our currency, our economic system and the very fabric of our society may fall apart because of these economic distortions. Our way of life may change in ways we cannot even imagine. Our money, our wealth and even our financial freedom may fall apart.

This terrible economic scenario could place even more pressure on our health which is already at risk. 

If the US economy and US dollar fall apart there will be a lot more stress in an already stressful world. Toxicity will increase as environmental regulations will be relaxed to stimulate trade.  Jobs will be harder to get, workloads heavier, leaving less time for exercise. Good food will be harder and more expensive to come by and health costs could really soar or become unavailable.

This is why Merri and I continue to stress the values of investing in the Wellness Industry and investing in one’s own health.  Good health is no different than good financial discipline. You cannot continually draw out of your energy bank without putting back in.

As to wellness investing one area to look at is biodiesel.

According to the National Biodiesel Board

“Biodiesel is the name of a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources. Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended at any level with petroleum diesel to create a biodiesel blend. It can be used in compression-ignition (diesel) engines with little or no modifications. Biodiesel is simple to use, biodegradable, nontoxic, and essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.

“Independent third-party, peer-reviewed studies show biodiesel has the highest energy balance of ANY fuel. A prominent USDA/DOE study shows for every unit of fossil fuel used to make biodiesel, 3.2 units of energy are gained in energy output. That's a 320% increase and includes soybean planting, harvesting, fuel production and transportation.

“Biodiesel is better for the environment because it is made from renewable resources and has lower emissions compared to petroleum diesel. It is less toxic than table salt and biodegrades as fast as sugar. Since it is made in the USA from renewable resources such as soybeans, its use decreases our dependence on foreign oil and contributes to our own economy.”

In addition biodiesel becomes competitive in Brazil when oil hits about $30 per barrel and in the U.S. at about $50 a barrel. More information

As to health there are many things to do. One is to be and stay trim. You can gain more on this from two free reports I have written and posted at

Hoodia Weight Control...An African SECRET

The Power in Key Muscles

Health and wealth are pretty important parts of our lives. The horrifying facts above create some enormous opportunity. If we watch and invest in the wellness industry and our own wellness, they can make us truly rich!

It is my hope they do this for you.


international investment trends
international investment trends


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