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international investment trends

International Investments in Authenticity

international investment trends

Gary Scott

International investing and spotting trends are great ways to gain profit.  One big trend in the marketplace is the desire for truth and authenticity.

Friday's message looked at the growing demand for products that help wellness especially through nutrition and exercise. 

We have looked often at the increasing need for businesses that provide authenticity. For example, we followed the rise and fall of Horizon Dairy which started with real organic milk, then was bought out by Dean Foods and lost what I consider its organic authenticity.

Now, I am following Bear I am not undressed...this is the name of a business that is a bit cheeky. I believe this will go well in the organic marketplace where consumers are a bit fed up with big businesses trying to trick us with spin.  This is an in your face name that says ¨we are different and real¨.  Actually what can be more authentic than Bear Naked?

Bear Naked is a company referred to me by a well informed reader who notes that this firm which makes organic granola has grown from a $7000 investment into $20 million in sales in just a few years?

Bear Naked was started  by a s 23 year old who wanted to pursue her passion for foods.  She started baking and selling granola full time without any formal food industry experience under her belt.

She developed an original Fruit and Nut granola formula by baking whole ingredients in her parents' kitchen and selling it a sidewalk sales and a couple of local markets.

A life long friend became enthused and they both invested their life savings $3500 each to fund the company.  They began from a spare bedroom in Kelly's parents' house and by the end of 2002, Bear Naked was selling their one product in about 25 stores in Connecticut. Now their sales are over $20 million a can read the entire story

Last year, a venture capital firm eager to  invest approached them. An article tells how they valued this firm.

They may not be ready for the stock market yet but when they are I want to know because this firm appears to have authenticity...which I believe is very valuable in the market place at this time. Stay alert because if Bear Naked continues to offer authenticity its chances for a big jump when they go public is good.  Their products may help your health but their business could improve your wealth.

Good health and wealth to you,


P.S. one change from the demographic shift will be that many boomers will change their current address and find lower costs, higher quality of life elsewhere...perhaps in Small Town USA or abroad.

Join us here in Sunny Ecuador this winter and find out how and where they might go.

Join Merri, Thomas Fischer and me for the next International Business and Investing Made EZ in Ecuador and learn more about the multicurrency sandwich.

continue on with us where we live and work in the High Andes 

Please join us on our next Ecuador Import Export Expedition

international investment trends
international investment trends


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