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Gary Scott

There is a lot going on in Ecuador. One area that offers a lot of real estate investing opportunity is the Galapagos. The way to beat inflation is to buy things with limited supply and increasing demand. Here is an inflation fighting investment in the Galapagos that is guaranteed in three different ways. This is international real estate investing that is special and fights inflation in three ways.

First, this is something that will rise but is also useful for those who want a rare environmental experience on some of the most pristine beaches in the world. Second, private land that you can live on in the Galapagos is more than rare…it is rarified! Third, the price seems so low to me that I cannot conceive that it will not rise.

I highly recommend that those interested in real estate in the sun, near the ocean at a low price and with an environmental have look at this opportunity.

Galapagos Ecuador International Real Estate Investing Photo

View of the Galapagos

Our friend and attorney Dr. Andres Cordova just dropped me this note about Galapagos Ecuador International Real Estate Investing:

Dear Gary:

After the success of Santa Cruz Gardens in the Galapagos and in light of the environmental sensibility we’ve been applying throughout, I became emboldened enough to launch another Galapagos project that is like Santa Cruz Gardens in many ways but with a twist.

We now offer ten times the size per lot at less than double the price and with giant tortoises roaming free on the site and a nice ocean view on top. This project like Santa Cruz is located only minutes away from beautiful sites such as pristine white sand beaches with turquoise waters.

Ocean Hills is the name of the project and it’s a subdivision with only 18 two acre lots priced at $30.000 each. About half of the lots have already been spoken for. The lots will have title insurance available by First American Title Insurance.

This area is located 15 minutes inland in Santa Cruz Island , the tourist hub of the fabled Galapagos Islands and a showcase of the best of what the archipelago has to offer. It has beautiful green fields. (BTW, the best hotel in the Galapagos, by far, is located inland too, on the way to Ocean Hills)

We offer the opportunity for a few lucky people to own a piece of paradise with sound and safe ownership and with true pride, through the upholding of the highest ecological standards.

Many people in the world, Ecuadorians included, do not know that private property is possible in the Galapagos. Only 3 percent is subject to sensible private ownership and we offer this with due legal structuring and, most of all, a feel-good concept and program that will allow you to indirectly and directly help Galapagos conservation efforts.

The lots can be held as an investment for the heart and spirit, as something to be passed on to generations, as a true investment or as a rental property. One house per lot may be built and it can be rented out to the ever increasing land-based tourism that is getting to the Galapagos.

Ocean Hills will have beautiful paths for walking, jogging, mountain biking and even horseback riding. They will be flanked by native vegetation.

The price of the lots will rise by 20% in the next few days so it would be advisable that anybody interested in buying let me know this as soon as possible.

The website for Ocean Hills is

 Galapogos Ecuador International Real Estate Investing Photo

View of the Galapogos


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International real estate
Galapogos Ecuador International Real Estate Investing
March 17, 2005
International real estate


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