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Spanish International Investing

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Gary Scott

Enjoy a Free Ingapirca Tour and improve your Spanish International Investing. Spanish is the world’s second most used language and we can improve our international investing if we speak a bit of Spanish.

Now as a Gary Scott reader you can get a free tour of one of the great mysteries of the world as you improve your international investing ability. Ingapirca which means Inca Wall is the only well preserved major Incan ruins in Ecuador, located two hours from Cuenca. Yet no one knows why this complex was the center of the Ecuador Inca empire?. The area was occupied by the early Canari civilization for more than 500 years, but was taken by the Inca expansion toward the end of the fifteenth century.

The structures formed a fortress, place of worship, way-station on the Inca Royal Road for the famous Chasqui runners plus a site for astronomical observation. What exactly the ancient Inca astronomers knew remains a secret.

It has been discovered that the centerpiece of the ruins was the Temple of the Sun, where celebrations of the Inti Raymi (New Year) festival took place. The mortar-less temple was positioned so the sun illuminated altars on both the eastern and western faces of the temple and there was no shadow between the two walls exactly at noon.

The Temple consists of a huge oval-shaped platform made of exquisitely carved blocks of stone, fitted together with amazing precision. This center was built at the height of Inca development and then abandoned. No one really knows why.

You can see an excellent 360 view of the ruins at

How to Get the Free Tour and Improve Your Spanish International Investing Skill

I have been working for several years with Simon Bolviar Spanish School in Quito. Readers have sent many raves about the fun and Spanish they gained (some say they are even thinking and dreaming in Spanish) from special three week learn Spanish tours.

See a Spanish school rave at

Which is your desire? Do you want to understand and communicate with your Spanish-speaking neighbors better? Or do you just want to get away to the sun? There will never be a way to do this in such style.

Now Simon Bolivar has opened a school in Cuenca and is offering a free tour of Ingapirca for readers who learn Spanish at that school.

The Spanish lessons are very inexpensive, only $ 50 a week for beginner groups. Yet at this low price there is still a maximum of six students per teacher.

This price includes 20 hours of lessons per week (4 weeks recommended), a tour of Cuenca, Salsa lessons, airport pickup,

Free Internet use and cooking lessons.

Accommodations are as low as $150 per month.

For full details contact me at

You can see more about Ingapirka at Wayne n Quibbles South American Adventure

View of Ingapirka at


Get more details about International Business and Investing courses in Ecuador. See

For more information on Ecuador real estate investing go to

International real estate
Spanish International Investing
March 19, 2005
International real estate


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